Technology Asset Management Body of Knowledge (TAMBOK)

The Institute’s Guide to the Technology Asset Management Body of Knowledge is flexible, providing open source, cost effective, standards and best practices in the technology asset management industry.  Currently on its 4th edition, the TAMBOK is used world-wide as a reference tool when establishing baseline practices, as well as, for day to day operational support. It reflects currently accepted practices and procedures in use within enterprises of every size in a majority of the countries around the globe. As with other professional resources, this body of knowledge is defined and enhanced by the asset management practitioners who apply the expertise on a daily basis. The TAMBOK describes core asset management practice areas, their associated competencies and tasks as well as the skills necessary to be effective in their execution/application.

The TAMBOK is intended to be used as a basic checklist of the major competencies, processes, and procedures that come together to help an asset management professional function in the enterprise. As well, the TAMBOK provides enterprises with a useful framework on which to build asset management initiatives without being limited to the overly complex & costly standards or best practices that require highly skilled teams & advanced systems to implement & manage.

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