Killer License Clause: Technology Implementation Agreement

How can a basic license clause cost the small technology consumer tens of thousands of unnecessary dollars? It’s actually pretty simple: If you are a multinational software publisher with a product that very few people can implement without using your own highly specialized product team–you corner the market on all services. Or, maybe that support agreement locks the business technology consumer into a single exclusive resource–to include that handy exclusive pricing bracket.

When it comes to technology asset management or software asset management a single clause in a license or agreement could cost you big money you didn’t need to spend. Understanding the contract terms & conditions tips we discuss here could easily save you substantial cash during an implementation.
This four point Knowledge Brief is free and the cost reduction benefits are awesome.

Please Keep in Mind: The Institute is here to help you pull IT investment value back into your pockets, not to encourage you to spend even more.
Simple keys to reducing implementation costs:

  • Don’t ever accept the “standard” implementation agreement… It is never designed with your needs or rights in mind.
  • Always request implementation references… NEVER limit your reference reviews to the “select” group you are given. Always interview a few companies where the implementation has not gone well.
  • Be certain to establish your own standards for the implementation team members…
  • Conduct interviews to ensure you are getting the talent you paid for. Ensure that the same talent remains on task throughout the project.
  • Establish a serious written implementation schedule… Expect the implementation company to adhere to the schedule or pay significant penalties. There have been altogether too many failed implementations where it was easier for the contract implementation team to pay the penalty than to complete the job. Consider how much you will lose, not how much it’ll cost.
  • Track any proposed changes to the implementation schedule… Always establish–and enforce–a firm change management process. Without it, you are at the mercy of the implementation company.

The more time and brain power you invest in pre-planning an effective implementation review and building a clear plan, the less you will lose should the process fail…

Please understand that this list is minimal. Most often the implementation and subsequent support / maintenance costs will exceed the initial investment by as much as a factor of ten or more. Put the money where it will enhance you potential for success.

Want more? The Institute for Technology Asset Management can provide you with a wide range of cost reduction knowledge that you really need to succeed. You decide.

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