Corporate lay-offs? “Difficult” economy? Get ready for a software audit!

Your chances of being embroiled in a software non compliance—piracy—punitive audit are higher today than at any time in the history of copyright enforcement. Here’s how it works: During difficult economic times, or when your company loses personnel, you are opening yourself up to a significantly higher probability of software license enforcement audit scrutiny. In fact, your chances of becoming involved in a software audit could geometrically increase by as much as double for every five employees you let go.

Do you think this perspective is all so much hot air? When you combine the aggressive “Whistle-Blower Reward Programs” fielded by the software publishers and their enforcement industry friends, your level of risk is increasing as the economy becomes ever more unstable. Follow this LINK to discover methods for keeping what little corporate money you have – in YOUR enterprise pockets – rather than continuing to pay out more and more to the software and copyright protected products industry players.

There is no cost. The Institute for Technology Asset Management provides the “next generation” of supplier neutral software asset management professional development credentials to national and global SAMs.

It’s the Knowledge You Need to Succeed!

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