What is Software Asset Management?

SAM Boot Camp – TWO SAM Credentials for the Price of One – March 2017

The Institute for Technology Asset Management will be holding a SAM Boot Camp during the week of March 20 – 24th, 2017 at INFOTEC in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This program delivers both the SAM Core Competency AND the SAM Advanced Enterprise Infrastructure credentials in a single week-long live delivery – at ~50% off the standard price – certification exam included.

Use code 1016 when you register at TAMInstitute.org.

Institute / Infotec SAM Boot Camp Coverage:

SAM Core Competencies:


  • Extended Copyright Compliance Q&A
  • Core License Compliance Issues
  • Stepping Through a Punitive Audit
  • Detailing & Mitigating the Right to Audit Clause
  • Foundation Audit-Related License Clauses
  • Compliance Assurance Tools – Discovery and Uninstall
  • Developing the Proactive/Reactive Software Audit Team
  • Detailing Proofs of Possession
  • Foundation Document Management System
  • Establishing the Internal Whistle-Blower Program
  • The Hidden Threats of License Activation
  • Internal Compliance Assurance Wall of Due Diligence
  • Calculating Actual Punitive Audit Costs
  • Software & Copyright Compliance Enforcement Players
  • Developing Effective Basic SAM Policies
  • Conducting the SAM Initiative GAP Analysis
  • Copyright-Related Laws, Acts, & Regulations
  • Risk Management & Mitigation – Level I

SAM Advanced Enterprise Infrastructure:


  • Detailing 42+ Critical Software License Types
  • Detailing 36+ Critical Software Agreement Clauses
  • Chartering the SAM Initiative
  • Cloud & SaaS Services
  • IT Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Effective Acquisition Process Framework
  • Vendor Management Framework I
  • Gaining & Retaining Executive Buy-In
  • Basic SAM Negotiations Methodologies
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management for SAM
  • Human & Organizational Change Management for SAM
  • Project & Initiative Success Factors for SAM
  • Core Leadership & Motivation Framework for SAM

It’s the Knowledge You Need to Succeed!